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Want to organize a ScratchEd Meetup?

Our team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is a source of support for you as you organize your ScratchEd Meetup. We could visit your city to model a meetup—or, even better, to help you host your own. We have a variety of resources to help you get started: the ScratchEd Meetup Guide, the ScratchEd Meetups Network, and the ScratchEd Meetup Kit.

Get the Guide

Start here! Filled with descriptions, examples, and space for planning, the ScratchEd Meetups Guide provides a step-by-step introduction to hosting a meetup. Download a copy of the guide or request a print copy.

Explore Resources

Want more templates, tools, and tips for hosting meetups? Visit the Resources page for access to all of the resources mentioned in the ScratchEd Meetups Guide and beyond.

Learn from Others

Learn from the ScratchEd Meetups that are taking place around the world by exploring meetup groups in the ScratchEd Meetups Network.

Request a Kit

To help with your first meetup, we would be happy to send you a ScratchEd Meetup Starter Kit. The Kit includes a variety of tools and materials: name badges, markers, stickers, sticky notes, a gift card for food, and more. To receive a Kit, you only need to have started a Meetup group in your area (see the Guide for more detail) and have a meetup scheduled at least four weeks from the date of your Kit request.